Let’s start with a few testimonials:

Lucia is the quintessential coach with the perfect approach. She got me started on my journey in reigniting my passion and rediscovering my potential and I have never looked back ever since. I would say through her coaching that she single handedly set me on a totally different trajectory full of discovery, creativity, confidence and lots of fun. You bet she remains my ‘Go to coach’ and one whom I’m more than happy to recommend for anyone who wants to live out their potential and achieve their life goals and ambitions.
Tim Noxsinz, IT Professional

I appreciated the coaching session with Lucia. She was very adept with questions, which helped me clear my thoughts and open up a new way to look at a block I have had.
She reviewed my words to make sure she understood what I meant. I gained some real clarity during our hour together and feel inspired to move forward with my business.
P.Craumer, Montana, USA

Thank you very much indeed, Lucia. I feel that without you, your patience and your counsel I would be still feeling bad, sad, and guilty for something I did not understand at the moment of starting the coaching sessions, but later, many times without understanding well how it was working, little by little, session by session, it ended up in a new way of approaching the problem, and in the end, in a solution that opened a new situation in my life, both professional and personal, that give me new chances to find what I really want.
A.Alvarez, Luxembourg

“I did 6 sessions of coaching with Lucia and the fluidity she has in her approach helped me a great deal in clarifying and reaching the goal I had set out for myself. Lucia is easy to work with, she is open and it was easy for me to have trust, which is to me really important in coaching.
I would not hesitate to work with her again. I’m very happy with the results.”
S.D., Luxembourg

I was happy to partner with Lucia in talking about some areas of life I felt “foggy” about. During the three sessions that we talked, it was helpful to have Lucia as a sounding board as I externally processed my foggy thoughts and feelings about current projects and priorities. After each session, I felt like I had gained increased perspective on those areas of life and was closer to taking meaningful next steps that would help me make progress towards my goals.
Tiffany, Minnesota, U.S.A.

Are you done with old mental patterns which prevent you from moving forward in your life?
Are you looking for a push to change what is not working for you?
Would you like to have an intense self-development experience, boost your self-esteem and confidence, become more efficient and enhance your performance?

All you need is to be: open-minded and willing to work!

To arrange a free chat, please e-mail me at coachingforahappierlife(at)gmail.com
Looking forward to meeting you!
Take care and let’s take action!

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